May 23, 2017

Beering Impaired - Episode 18 - A Thoughtful Amount

A fun time was had when Rashida Dinehart, one of the three women behind, stopped by to talk about our favorite things: Beer and STL. Rashida's new to the craft beer world, having her mind blown just SIX MONTHS AGO by a local berliner weisse. We get her to try a few different beers including one that featured one of ther least favorite ingredients: hops. Did we change her mind on liking them? Did she fall in love with a new beer? Did we talk about potato chips, porn, cigarettes and trivia more than we should have this episode? The answer to most of those questions is surprisingly yes.

Beers consumed this episode: Urban Chestnut "Ku'Damm," Side Project "Blackberry Biére Du Pays," and Shared "J-Dub Fan Club"

Beering Impaired, is a weekly podcast that features interviews with local brewers, homebrewers, and all kinds of beer experts. Each episode will be hosted by Certified Cicerone® Justin Phelps and his trusty sidekick, Blake Fehl. Come for the beer news and knowledge, stay for the witty banter.



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